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Delivering on the unfulfilled promises of digital healthcare by revolutionizing interoperability, efficiency, access to care, remote monitoring, and preventive health initiatives.

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Bioparker Corporation is a Joint Venture between Biostrap Corporation (Biostrap) and LCA Vantage Healthcare (LCAV) to deliver the world’s first and only Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource (FHIR) compliant electronic health records system and SMART Tract® Ecosystem with integrated & continuous biometrics in accordance with new CMS, FHIR, and FDA regulations and policies. By combining continuous biometric monitoring with traditional data streams and facility management services, Bioparker will leverage an unprecedented amount of health data to develop and validate novel biometrics, algorithms, and actionable insights to refine clinical workflows, prompt proactive intervention, reduce staff and facilities inefficiencies through automation, and standardize healthcare decision making. Bioparker’s medical products and services aim to improve patient outcomes while delivering significant cost savings to our partners and the US healthcare system at large.

The Opportunity

Electronic health record (EHR) systems and the medical technology industry have struggled to innovate and keep pace with modern day medicine and the needs of patients and providers, resulting in staff and facility inefficiencies, elevated staff burden, health disparities, and inflated costs to the healthcare system. Despite rising support and adoption of healthcare information technologies by payers and providers, the promise of improved accessibility, cost, efficiency, and outcomes has not been realized due to a lack of interoperability.


In an effort to solve the interoperability issues with EHR systems, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has implemented a new regulation which requires the use of Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) by a variety of CMS-regulated payers, including Medicare Advantage organizations, state Medicaid programs, and qualified health plans in the Federally Facilitated Marketplace by 2021. Additionally, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Civil Rights (OCR) has proposed an update to the HIPAA privacy rule (HHS-OCR-0945-AA00) with an expanded right of access for personal health apps and disclosures between providers for care coordination.

What is Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR)?

The HL7® FHIR® standard defines how healthcare information can be exchanged between different computer systems regardless of how it is stored, allowing healthcare information (clinical and administrative) to be available securely to those who need to access it, and to those who have the right to do so for the benefit of a patient receiving care (The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology).

The Bioparker Solution

Bioparker is a full-stack, cloud-based medical product and service (SAAS) with customizable features including Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Electronic Health Record (EHR), patient care management, prescription drug management, computerized provider order entry (CPOE), automated coding and billing, healthcare analytics, integrated FDA-cleared medical devices and continuous biometrics, and advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) for ongoing research and development.

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The Bioparker System is the only EMR and EHR system on the market that exceeds FHIR compliance regulations and offers real-time access to medical records, amendments, and coverage plans across the entire continuum of care. By combining AI with the Bioparker Smart Tract Ecosystem®, a holistic facility management service, and EMR/EHR system, Bioparker provides a full-service solution to manage business operations, facility security, maintenance, emergency services integration, human resources, professional development training, payroll, scheduling, billing, supply chain and other customizable solutions as add-on modules. Furthermore, by collecting and leverage continuous biometric data across the continuum of care, Bioparker is advancing real-world clinical research, reducing professional burden through automation, and facilitating custom inpatient and outpatient clinical workflows to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Bioparker provides all benefits of traditional EHR systems with additional flexibility through customization, significantly reduced implementation and administrative costs, integrated biometrics and RPM solutions, and actionable clinical insights- all while maintaining a reduced carbon footprint.

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Medical Biosensors

The Biostrap ETHOS wrist-worn device is a non-invasive optical sensor that monitors changes in arterial pulse volume using proprietary quadband optical sensing™ photoplethysmography (PPG).


Indications for Use*: The Biostrap ETHOS is indicated for use as a portable, multi-parameter, variable acuity device for use by healthcare professionals, clinicians, and medical qualified personnel, in a variety of clinical environments and hospital departments, for non-invasive spot checking, and/or continuous monitoring, recording, and alarming of multiple physiological parameters for use in adults and pediatric patients, excluding neonates.


The combination of photoplethysmography sensors, temperature sensor, accelerometer, and gyroscope, combined with wireless communication allows for an efficient, low-cost, reliable device that can collect data in ‘real-world’ environments to support inpatient, outpatient, and remote patient care, as well as decentralized research initiatives.

Pulse Engine

The Biostrap Pulse Engine™ is a cloud-based computational tool which filters, cleans, processes, and analyzes raw data to derive various health metrics with validated clinical reliability to inform clinical decision making. The Pulse Engine™ provides confidence intervals based on signal quality and other factors to screen and/or exclude for low-confidence recordings on a per-second basis. The derived biometrics output from the Pulse Engine™ have been clinically validated in 22 publications relative to gold standard medical equipment.

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Early Warning System

Early Warning Score (EWS) systems are used in hospitals worldwide to quickly quantify patients’ well-being and standardize the monitoring and response to acute illness. These EWS systems score individual vital signs based on their severity and use an aggregate score value to predict patient outcomes and reduce miscommunication in safety-critical situations through a “common language of sickness”. While these systems have proven valuable in stratifying risk and need for intensive care, some issues include reliance on intermittent biometric snapshots and universal binning.


Bioparker has developed a Baseline-Adjusted EWS solution to address these limitations through risk stratification from stable baseline based on continuous and passive biometric monitoring of vitals to provide a finer-resolution metric to determine the risk level of each patient more precisely and minimize false alarms. In addition to a numerical value, the EWS can be provided as a stoplight warning system for rapid interpretation without the need for additional training.

SMART Tract Ecosystem®

By combining Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Bioparker System, the SMART Tract® Ecosystem provides a holistic facility management solution to manage facility security, maintenance, emergency services integration, and business operations including human resources, professional development training, payroll, scheduling, coding and billing, supply chain, inventory management and other customizable solutions. The SMART Tract® Ecosystem allows data to be received and analyzed in real-time across the entire facility including patients, emergency services, and hospital staff.

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Research & Development

Bioparker is dedicated to ongoing research and development of medical algorithms, products, and services that support the needs of our partners and those they serve.

  • Automated Triage System
  • PPG-Derived Cardiac Output & Ejection Fraction
  • PPG-Derived Continuous Blood Pressure
  • Real-Time Hydration Tracking
  • Machine Learning to Predict Symptoms
  • Clinical RPM Workflows
  • Preventive Health Empowerment Programs

Executive Team

Vincent Lopez

Chief Executive Officer

Vincent Lopez is a Mexican American entrepreneur and the Founder & CEO of LCA Corp., which manages investments in various industries, including healthcare, technology, and media, and LCA Vantage Healthcare. Vince has held several esteemed positions including a 2015 nomination by Governor Tom Wolf (D-PA) to the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, Board of Governors. Additionally, Vince completed a fellowship in STEM education targeted in minority neighborhoods with President Obama’s Organizing for Action, has served as a law enforcement officer, held a position with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and has worked for notable U.S. Government Contractors.

Sameer Sontakey


Sameer is the Founder and CEO of Biostrap, a full-stack digital health solution developed to address the limitations of the commercial wearable industry. With greater than 10 years of experience in software engineering, computer science, and hardware manufacturing, Sameer has taken his company from ideation to the trusted wearable solution for world-renowned universities, health and government institutions, researchers, healthcare professionals, and career astronauts. Sameere is dedicated to continued education surround web development techniques, tools, and frameworks to further evolve his knowledge and company positioning in the medical technology industry. As an angel investor and partner of Sontakey Ventures, Sameer is an accredited investor in sprouting tech companies from Silicon Valley to Silicon Beach.

Matthew Willert

Chief Operations Officer

Matt Willert provides greater than 10 years of experience in national and international manufacturing with an extensive history of success leading commercial and medical product development from ideation to commercialization. As VP of Operations for Biostrap Corp., Matt has acted as a trusted leader for all company departments during the transition to a C-Corporation, Series A funding efforts, HIPAA implementation, and FDA-regulatory processes.

Anthony Lopez

Chief Financial Officer

Anthony S. Lopez is a dynamic professional who’s committed to the advancement of Small Business, community, and family.  Anthony serves as a Managing Partner and Chief Operating Officer for The Lopez Capital Associates, LLC (LCA) a conglomerate leading change in Government Contracting, Science & Information Technology, Business Development, and Investment Management. Anthony is pivotal in the management and oversight in the development and growth of LCA’s subsidiary brands: Govy Tech, Praxis & Co. Management, & TARN Outdoor. In addition to his role at LCA, he concurrently serves as Vice-Chairman and President of the Lopez Foundation, Inc. a 501(c)(3) working with minority and “At-Risk Youth” headquartered in Arlington, Virginia with offices in Washington, DC, Cleveland, Ohio, and Austin, Texas.

Kevin Longoria

Chief Scientific Officer

Kevin Longoria is an expert in the field of Clinical Physiology and biometric data science. As Chief Science Officer for Biostrap Corp., Kevin has led the development and validation of novel physiological biometrics utilizing raw photoplethysmography (PPG) and actigraphy data, developed the Baseline-Adjusted Early Warning System to predict respiratory illness including SARS-CoV-2, implemented clinical remote physiologic monitoring workflows in various healthcare environments and patient populations, and contributed to large-scale clinical trials with pharmaceutical and government organizations including the National Institute of Minority Health & Health Disparities (NIMHD). Kevin has significant leadership experience leading a team of medical physicians and data scientists and as a member of the Scientific Advisory Board for the world’s largest sports science certification organization.

Miko Joubert

Chief Commercial Officer

Miko Joubert has served as the Chief Business Officer of LCA Vantage Healthcare since July 2020. Prior to LCA Vantage Mr. Joubert was a Staff Sergeant in the US Air Force, serving from 2014-2020 with 2 tours overseas.

Chris Parker

Chief Technical Officer

As Chief Technology Officer for LCA Vantage Healthcare, Chris Parker led the development of the Parker System®, the world’s first EHR platform that exceeds FHIR compliances regulations and policies. Chris is an expert in cloud computing with multiple accreditations for the Microsoft Azure platform. Chris is also the CEO of Story Data IO, a blockchain and AI-focused software company providing virtual developmental services for entertainment companies and is the current Treasurer of the Parker Foundation non-profit organization.

Dilip Sontakey

Chief Information Officer

Dilip has over 40 years of experience in the fields of technology and business development with a successful exit in his previous technology company. As Chief Information Officer for Biostrap, Dilip oversees an international team of frontend, backend, hardware, and software developers.

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