Can Pilates Improve Your Oxygen Saturation Levels?

Pilates is known to help improve core strength, mobility, flexibility, muscle control and blood oxygen saturation. It may even help you recover between vigorous workouts. Use your Biostrap to track your own biometrics including HRV and your blood oxygen saturation. See for yourself whether these metrics trend up as you progress with your Pilates practice.

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Biostrap Beginnings

Biostrap was born out of a desire to deliver a consumer wearable dedicated to providing deep insights geared towards total health. Early this year, Biostrap acquired an exclusive license to Amiigo’s core biometric and activity tracking technologies and has been working on a new product to deliver the next generation of health and fitness tracking with customer experience integrated right from the start.

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The More The Merrier: How Biostrap Does Activity Classification

Whether you’re pushing the limits of the human body or simply living an active lifestyle, we go through our daily lives doing hundreds of repetitious activities. When it comes to your health, monitoring these daily movements is essential to a complete understanding of how efficiently your body is operating each day.

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Back to the basics: 5 Advantages of Wearable Technology

At Biostrap, we often get caught up talking about the broad implications of wearable devices and our grand ambitions for unlocking total health—maybe we should get back to the basics. We understand that not everyone is a biohacking fitness junkie. Whether you’re a layperson to the wearable industry or opening an API on your own biometrics, one thing is certain: wearables have a lot of benefits. So let’s talk about them!

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7 ways to increase your HRV for athletic competitions

For years, athletes have tried to find ways to perform better in competitions. New research and developments in the science of the heart, however, have quite possibly found what competitive athletes have been searching for: a safe and effective way to improve athletic performance.

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Ready to track every Move?

The worlds most advanced wearable platform for activity classification is now available.

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