Back to the basics: 5 Advantages of Wearable Technology

At Biostrap, we often get caught up talking about the broad implications of wearable devices and our grand ambitions for unlocking total health—maybe we should get back to the basics. We understand that not everyone is a biohacking fitness junkie. Whether you’re a layperson to the wearable industry or opening an API on your own biometrics, one thing is certain: wearables have a lot of benefits. So let’s talk about them!

  1. Encouraging self-monitoring and personal responsibility.

We’ve been beating the drum about this for years, having access to personal health data allows you to take health into your own hands. Metrics that have historically been inaccessible to members outside of the medical community—HRV, SPO2, resting heart rate—are now delivered conveniently onto your iphone.

  1. Creating awareness about your operating levels.

With the ability to self-monitor health metrics, users can understand how their daily activities are affecting their bodies. Biostrap is a lot more than simply a tool for exercising. Although that’s a great use for wearables, Biostrap is tracking data 24/7, letting you know exactly how that night of drinking or day at the beach played into your health.

  1. Monitoring your heart rate

Most fitness trackers are able to measure heart rate and, while that is a helpful metric to an extent, Biostrap allows you to measure resting heart rate. RHR is a far better indicator of overall health, as it monitors how your lifestyle is affecting your baseline heart health.

  1. Understanding your health compared to averages

The beauty of creating a health platform is that we’re creating a better understanding of the health of each user and, in turn, overall health at a much higher level. As Biostrap technology becomes more widespread, we’ll be able to see macro trends and averages of people’s health across a number of demographics.

  1. Tracking activities

Activity tracking is not available in many wearables. What makes our product particularly useful is the dual sensors, wristband and shoe-clip. By tracking twice as much motion data, Biostrap is able to identify and record new activities, ultimately letting users better understand how their heart rate is affected by certain activities. We believe this granular approach to understanding our bodies is the most effective way to live healthier.

To check out more about wearables and their benefits, check out some more pieces on our blog or say hello to the Biostrap users in our Reddit community.

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