The More The Merrier: How Biostrap Does Activity Classification

Our bodies can do incredible things—gymnasts suspend themselves from aerial silks, weightlifters lift enormous objects, cyclists travel hundreds of miles.

Whether you’re pushing the limits of the human body or simply living an active lifestyle, we go through our daily lives doing hundreds of repetitious activities. When it comes to your health, monitoring these daily movements is essential to a complete understanding of how efficiently your body is operating each day.

The recent surge in health wearable popularity supports the idea that consumers want to be constantly measuring their lives. As many of us know: the more data, the better—and this has never been truer than with health. The issue, however, is that most wearable companies aren’t measuring enough information on these daily activities.

As we’ve said, the way the human body moves is amazing—but it’s complex. And a single wearable device around your wrist isn’t capable of truly capturing its intricacies.

Biostrap has a simple solution for this issue: when it comes to sensors, the more the merrier.

Offering a wristband-shoeclip pairing, our proprietary technology is tracking more than twice as much movement data as the average wearable. The devices work in harmony to record movement, granting knowledgeable insights into how your body is responding to particular activities.

Our machine learning capabilities allow us to recognize over 20 repetitious activities. Biostrap will know when you’re running, weight lifting, swimming, whatever it is that love you to do stay healthy. To track more activities, you can easily ‘record’ new movements—the possibilities are endless.

We are able to quantify reps, duration, form, and consistency and compare those metrics over time, allowing you to see exactly how your body is progressing and growing.

Total health is what Biostrap provides: a numbers-supported knowledge that helps us live efficient, happy, healthy lives. We have twice the sensors, keeping your body feeling twice as great.

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