Finding A Balanced Lifestyle

The key to a healthy lifestyle is balance, but true balance is difficult to achieve and takes work. However, with a little planning and discipline, balance may be more attainable than you think.

We are all likely overworked, overcommitted, and sometimes simply running on fumes. Life is hectic and juggling a career, family, fitness, and a social life is an everyday challenge. But a few simple changes to your routine and attitude can reap healthy benefits and help you find the balance you seek.

Workout Efficiently

Reaching your personal fitness and wellness goals doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be in the gym six days a week for hours at a time. In fact, many trainers and experts recommend workouts of 60 minutes or less, four to five times a week, with at least two active rest days. The key is planning ahead to target specific muscle groups along with cardio goals within your schedule. Aim for fast-paced circuit-training or high-intensity workouts with short rest periods between sets. If you need an extra day out of the gym, seek out an active weekend activity such as hiking or biking.

Generate Healthy Habits

If you’re determined to hit the gym five days a week, wake up an hour earlier each day. Generally, those who work out in the morning are more consistent in their routines, have improved mood and energy throughout the day, and still have time for other commitments without sacrificing health. The same goes for diet — don’t make it more work than necessary. Focus on eating whole foods and allot a couple of extra hours on the weekend to meal plan, grocery shop, and prep for the upcoming week; it will save you more time and stress throughout the busy week. Set realistic goals for yourself and generate a schedule that helps keep your health, professional, and personal life on track.

Give Yourself A Break

Literally and figuratively speaking. If you’re working hard and sticking to your goals, allow yourself periodic downtime to reset. Make sure you make time for fun and don’t beat yourself up for diet cheats or the occasional missed workout in exchange for a day spent with friends or family. Research shows that downtime is an important key to health and restores attention and motivation, enhances creativity and productivity, helps us form stable memories, and is vital to achieving our highest levels of mental and physical performance. Create time for meditation and relaxation a few minutes each day and embrace the quiet moments.

Remember, you are in control of your health and can make changes at any time. Allow Biostrap to help you make healthy choices and attain the lifestyle of your dreams.

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