Breathe easier by improving your Sp02 for 2018

At the start of each year, millions of people around the world make New Year’s resolutions. And each year, just about that many people break those resolutions almost immediately.

So why not make the easiest resolution of them all: Resolve to breathe.

Yep, that’s right. Breathing. That thing that you’ve done involuntarily since the day you were born? Make that your resolution.

We’re gonna take it a step further, and ask that you breath more easily as the year progresses so that you can be a healthier, happier you.

So, what’s the catch? There’s gotta’ be a catch, right?

There’s no catch, but we are gonna mix some letters and words in a non-algebraic, and totally scientific way to illustrate what it is we really mean.

For 2018, we would like you to improve your Sp02 levels. In other words, we would like you to take steps toward making sure that your blood has enough oxygen to help you breathe, move and function at your body’s optimum levels.

Sp02 is the measure of oxygen in the hemoglobin in your blood compared to the total amount of hemoglobin. Without oxygen, you would cease to move, think or be. And when your oxygen is at the right level, approximately 90%, then your body is in good shape.

How do you get more oxygen to your blood?

There are several ways to improve your Spo2 levels, and all of them are nearly as simple as breathing itself.

1. Take more deep breaths

The way oxygen enters the body is through your lungs, and the way it gets to your lungs is through inhaling it through your mouth or nose. This, we know.

But, what many tend to forget is that our lungs are capable of holding much more air than we think, and in fact, are made to do just that. We’re not saying that you need to breathe to capacity with each breath, but make a conscious effort to do so maybe when you are sitting still for a few minutes here and there.

You could even take up Yoga or practice meditation techniques to better concentrate your breathing efforts.

2. Increase the oxygen levels around you

Now, before you go out and buy an oxygen machine, complete with mask and hospital bed, there are much easier ways to do this.

Add live plants to your home. Go out for frequent outings in the great outdoors. Surround yourself with oxygen. More 02 = more Sp02.

3. Practice good posture

Have you ever noticed that it is more difficult to breathe when you’re slouched over? Maybe. Maybe not.

But, have you noticed that you breathe much better when you stand or sit up straight?  If not, we suggest you try it. By practicing better posture, you will open up your airways so that you can get fuller, more complete breaths of that sweet oxygen to rejuvenate the blood in your body.

4. Exercise

Sure, hitting the gym, running several miles or joining a fitness class is a great way to get regular exercise in. However, symply making movement part of your everyday life, throughout the day also counts.

Do regular yard work. Walk up and down your stairs to do laundry. Walk the dog. Take the kids to the park (and play with them). Rearrange your furniture.

All of these things equal exercise, and all will help improve your Sp02 levels.

5. Track your Sp02 levels

Through the use of Biostrap you will be able to track your levels through what is called a Pulse Oximeter. The Pulse Oximeter infrared light passes through the bloodstream in a pain-free process that determines the percentage of hemoglobin in the blood. It can do this simply because blood with oxygen is a different color than blood without oxygen.

Knowledge is power. If you know your Sp02 levels, then you will be able to cater all of the above steps toward breathing easy through 2018 … and beyond.

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