Creating the Perfect Biostrap For You

Total Health is on its way! For the last 16 months, we’ve been hard at work making Biostrap the latest and greatest product in wearable technology—and it’s finally coming to fruition. As we hone in on the last few details, I wanted to share some of the awesome features we’ve been working on.

When we say we want to help you understand your health, we’re shooting for nothing less than above and beyond—and that takes a lot of development on our end. Here are a few of the ways we’re delivering on that promise.

1. ECG-level Accuracy

Electrocardiograms (ECGs) provide the gold standard for measuring heart rate, but the equipment necessary for an ECG test makes them impractical for everyday use. Our red light pulse oximeter technology gather SpO2 data in a non-intrusive manner, letting us track heart rate without the equipment of an ECG. To ensure accuracy in heart rate monitoring, we’ve been conducting a study in Europe for the last several months validating Biostrap’s SpO2 readings against clinical ECG studies.

2. Firmware ecosystem

The Biostrap health platform comprises three main components: a wristband, shoe clip, and mobile application. To have all these pieces work perfectly in conjunction with one another, we’ve made an enormous investment in quality Bluetooth connection and upstream data flows. With the wristband and shoe clip each sending a consistent flow of information, the mobile app and machine-learning backend have to have the bandwidth to understand and relay that data in real time.

3. Machine learning technology

To elaborate on the machine learning platform that makes activity classification possible, we are using supervised algorithms that feed on large amounts of motion data to give accurate readings of activity. We are firm believers that understanding the physiological changes in your body is essential to leading a healthier life—and using the activities as context surrounding that data provides even further insights.

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