Fitbit, Pebble, and the Future of Wearables

Some interesting news broke recently for the wearable device industry.

Fitbit has acquired Kickstarter darling-turned-struggling-smartwatch company, Pebble, at a price tag of just under 40 million dollars. As one of the early entrants into the wearable space, Fitbit’s actions lend insight into the industry climate, illuminating future strategy and macro trends for consumer preference.

Fitbit has cited that their interest lies in Pebble’s software engineers and intellectual property. By acquiring a smartwatch operating system with 14,000 third-party apps and watch faces, Fitbit sets itself up for a major smartwatch play.

Through all of this, one thing is clear: consumer wearables, as they exist now, are quickly changing.

As you may remember, Fitbit shares took a tumble just a few weeks ago on reduced demand and weak holiday expectations. The downtrend indicates an increased dissatisfaction with the amount of health data consumers are receiving from their wearables. 

The simple step counting and basic heart rate monitoring that Fitbit provides can be found more conveniently in smartwatches. Purchasing Pebble for their operating system software allows Fitbit to incorporate their existing health technology and double down on improving their smartwatch product, The Blaze.

What this means for Biostrap

While smartwatches will clearly play a significant role in the future of wearables––and gathering basic health data from them makes sense––the wearable industry seems to be overlooking a crucial reason for wearables in the first place: health monitoring.

As research conducted by BI Intelligence suggests, consumer-facing smartwatches will inevitably move into the healthcare space. Clinical grade technology, however, is not out of reach for consumers today. Where other wearables will have to incorporate healthcare technology, Biostrap originates from that space. With our clinical grade sensors, Biostrap provides users with health insights unparalleled by fitness trackers and smartwatch competitors. 

Our commitment to a fitness-first, health conscious, consumer wearable device allow you to lead a healthier life. So while consumers are switching from Fitbit-like products and finding the basic tracking technology elsewhere, unlocking total health is easiest done with Biostrap. The benefits of being able to quantify and understand your body have never been more accessible. 

Take your health into your own hands with Biostrap today.

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