Our Favorite Wearables from CES 2017

CES serves as a place where tech enthusiasts, startups, and investors can pile into Las Vegas showrooms for a giant show and tell of the newest technologies and gadgets. 

There was a lot of big announcements this year, but we were more than excited to see the latest wave of wearable capabilities and use cases. We’ve pulled together our five favorite wearable devices that are using tracking hardware in innovative and impactful ways. Here we go!

Polar Team Pro Shirt

The best wearable tech at CES 2017

At Biostrap, we’re interested in how wearables can monitor our everyday lives, capturing our biometrics at all times. With that being said, these Polar Team Pro Shirts are built for athletes but are still absolutely awesome. Sleek and fitted, Polar’s new gear is able to track heart rate and GPS data with capture points embedded into the material.


The best wearable tech at CES 2017

Bloomlife is a stick-on tracker that measures time between contractions and changes in expecting mothers’ patterns in the third trimester. We firmly believe that wearables should—and soon, will be—playing important roles throughout our lives. In the case of Bloomlife, it can start even before birth!

Prevent Biometrics

prevent biometrics

Prevent Biometrics aims to mitigate the risks of head injuries––the consequences of which we have become all too familiar with in the sporting world. Where progress has been made in protective gear to prevent concussions and other damaging blows, Prevent wants to help detect them when they actually have occurred. Built for kids older than 11, the mouthguards are able to monitor head impacts and assess their severity.

K’Track Glucose

ktrack glucose

Suffering from diabetes is an inconvenience that millions of people deal with every day and K’Track Glucose hopes to make managing that burden a little easier. The $150 dollar device resembles a smartwatch, but rather than tracking your activity, the wristband monitors your glucose levels with biosensors. While K’Track Glucose still relies on needles, the process is supposed to be completely painless.

Sensoria Primus

Our Favorite Wearables from CES 2017 1

Vivobarefoot and Sensoria have teamed up to release a new smart shoe, Primus, that uses pressure-sensing Bluetooth technology that helps runners correct their form. Two Sensoria core devices are connected to four pressure sensors, allowing the shoe to measure impact, foot landing, and contact time. All of that information is synced to the Sensoria Run app for iOS and used to design a training plan just for you.

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