Quantifying The Health Effects of Having a Baby

Biostrap CEO Sameer Sontakey writes for The Mission to talk about the birth of his second child and how it affected his biometrics. From increased and RHR and decreased HRV, Sameer was able to quantify the health effects of parenting.

Excerpt 1: “My time was split between raising a newborn, a 2-year old, and a burgeoning, young startup — all of which demanded equal time and attention. My parental duties expanded, and my late night work sessions became later night work sessions.

But let’s not be mistaken! While my depleted HRV levels may signal otherwise, the sleepless nights have been more than worth it!”

Excerpt 2:Raising a newborn and a sassy 2-year old will have its effect on health.

Not to mention managing a team of equally-sassy engineers.

The truth is that the everyday stress of building a company, becoming a father, and simply being human will naturally have negative consequences on your body — wearables are far from being able to ensure good health.

But the best way to improve something is to be able to measure it.”

Read the full article here.

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