Should Wearables Be Taken Seriously?

Wearable technologies have seen an interesting ride.

Fitbit IPOing with flying colors in 2015 to plummeting by over 75% before finally purchasing Pebble serves as a perfect example of the roller coaster ride that wearable health tracking industry has been.

In a way, these drastic fluctuations parallel consumer understandings and preferences for what their wearables do.

The first awesome wave of Fitbit and Jawbone wristbands saw shoppers clamoring for devices that simply counted their steps and heart rate. In hindsight, it’s astounding to realize people spent hundreds of dollars on devices that would tell us if we’ve walked far, a fact most people were familiar with—because they physically walked it.

Consumers seemed to eventually sour to the idea of an expensive wristband that counted steps, with over 70% of the people who bought Fitbits in the first three quarters of 2014 reported not using their device by the end of the year

So should wearables be taken seriously? The answer is definitely.

While their meteoric rise and subsequent falling out with consumers may lead some people to believe they were a flash in the pan. The tumultuous journey is simply indicative that consumers want more from their health trackers.

And more will be given.

With clinical grade technology becoming more and more available to manufacturers, the next rise in wearables will be because of highly functional sensors and increased biometric insights.

Rather than just counting steps, wearables today will be able to measure how your body is responding to all those steps, along with all the other activities throughout your day.

Heart rate variability, blood saturation levels, and other insightful biometrics allow users to understand their health like never before. Wielding this unlocked knowledge to live a healthier lifestyle is the benefits that will propel the next wave of wearable technologies. These non-invasive tactics to gaining insights into our health make total health accessible to the consumer market––with Biostrap on the forefront on the movement.

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