Using A Fitness Tracker for Targeted Workouts

Elite athletes and trainers monitor their training stats with hawk-like accuracy and they reap the benefits. Whether you’re simply aiming for a healthier lifestyle or training for a triathlon, it’s important to track where you are and where you’re going in your fitness journey.

Before assessing the practical and technical benefits of activity monitoring, it’s beneficial to first understand the psychology behind workout tracking. The key elements to consider are measurement and motivation.

First, the more activity you consistently measure, the more you begin to look at your daily routine in terms of activity and making healthy choices. Suddenly, the benefits of yard work, taking the stairs, or walking the dog an extra few blocks become clear. This shift in thinking generates a new perspective and increased motivation, which leads to overall better choices and improved healthy lifestyle. From here, the brain triggers increased motivation and goal-setting on a consistent basis; your number of steps and or minutes of daily activity naturally become more important to you.

Biostrap uses highly sensitive activity classification monitors to pinpoint and isolate individual exercises and deliver valuable feedback for each, including reps, duration, percentage of active time, calories burned, consistency over time, and even cadence and revolutions for cardio workouts. This data, paired with biometrics taken daily and post-workout, offer a holistic picture which informs fitness goals and overall health.

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