To a Healthier New Year

2016 was an exciting year for everyone.

From the Olympics to the Presidential election, to the release of the new Star Wars movie and everything in between, the past 365 days have brought with them a lot of changes—for better or worse! As is common tradition, We, at Biostrap, have been spending these past few days, the ones just after Christmas and before New Year’s Day, doing a little reevaluation of the last 12 months and some soul-searching for the next dozen.

Looking back, it’s pretty clear: We’ve been busy!

Biostrap was little more than a bright idea a year ago. We started with the goal of democratizing biometric insights for the consumer market—that may sound more complicated than it is. We want to help everyone live healthier. The benefits of clinical-grade health technology are undeniable but have been largely inaccessible to many of us.

We’ve made a lot of progress in our quest to provide tools to living healthier, data-driven lifestyles. We launched the Biostrap website, fine-tuned our first consumer wearable product, and have made leaps and bounds in bringing total health to the consumer market.

On a higher level, it’s been an exciting year for the wearable market in general. Fitbit bought Pebble, our clinical partners at Wavelet signed a new contract with MyoKardia, and consumer trends point towards a growing interest in the physiological data available from wearables.

But we’re continuing to look forward.  2017 is shaping up to be an exciting time.

This time of year is traditionally used to set goals for the coming year, whether it be to exercise frequently, eat less, call your grandmother more—people go about it in all sorts of crazy ways. New Years gives us an opportunity to imagine the type of person we’d like to be in the coming year.

We’ve been thinking through our goals as a company and have set a few resolutions we’d like to share with you.

Help everyone lead a healthier lifestyle.

This is a goal we’ve held for some time—we don’t plan on changing it anytime soon. With the launch of our first product only a few weeks away, Biostrap is excited to bring total health to thousands of people over the next few months.

With insights into everything from heart rate variability to blood oxygen saturation, Biostrap unlocks an entirely new understanding of ourselves. So if you’re resolution this year—as many people’s normally is—is to live a healthier lifestyle, then look no further!

Impact the future of the quantified self.

As we discussed in our interview on ESPN Radio, we’re moving towards a future of with more data and health insights. Additional sensors and wearables will allow us to understand our bodies like we’ve never been able to before.

Companies have already begun moving towards this future, from Biolinq creating adhesive ‘tattoos’ that collect data to Owlet’s smart sock for babies. Our goal is to keep Biostrap on the cutting edge of the health wearable market, providing greater insights into our physiological metrics.

We want to hear from you!

One of our foundational principles at Biostrap is to take a consumer-first approach, and we don’t plan on losing sight of that in the New Year. So let us know what you think—about anything! Do you have any exciting resolutions for the new year? We’d love to know! Can you not wait to get your hands on a Biostrap? We can hardly wait either!

We look forward to hearing from you! Happy New Year!

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