Your Heart Will Appreciate This

Hearts are important.

That little, 11-ounce organ in your chest pumps thousands of gallons of blood through your system daily. It should be no surprise that measuring exactly how your heart is doing can lend great insight into your overall health.

Every one of our 100,000 daily heartbeats is a potential data point used to understand our well-being. For most wearable companies, monitoring a fraction of those heartbeats is enough. Using only basic sensors to record PPG, the metric for organ activity, the average wearable device can only capture heart rates during moderate activity. Additionally, the signal captured is only binary, not obtaining any information other than if the beat occurred.

This is where Biostrap soars above the competition.

Our clinical-grade PPG sensors allow the Biostrap unit to gather comprehensive data on how your heart is pumping—not stopping at only counting heartbeats. Monitoring each heartbeat for 29 different parameters, the Biostrap can analyze heart data against the information from the last 24 hours. This information provides an in-depth look into how your heart is performing throughout the day.

Along with heart rate, Biostrap measures the time in-between each beat and the level of variance between those intervals, calculating a statistic known as Heart Rate Variability. Having access to these high-fidelity waveforms gives users the same level of information doctors use to evaluate the healthiness of a heart.

Heart Rate Variability has only become of interest to the medical community in the past few years, putting Biostrap on the cutting edge of consumer health technology. Researchers have traditionally held the belief that the body strives to find a constant static or steady state.

This belief, however, is not true of the heart. Studies have shown that higher Heart Rate Variability, meaning greater changes in the time between heartbeats, is directly related to the body’s regulatory systems and their efficiency and health. More information is available on the role Heart Rate Variability plays in predictive analysis and medical conditions here.

Your heart does a lot of loving—and it’s going to love the Biostrap.

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