You need at least 5 days of data to unlock this screen. This is required for us to gather baseline data to show your personalized insights. Once unlocked, you can see your recommendations and population insights (and more coming soon!)





You are now able to see where your data stands with respect to all other Biostrap users. Tap on the dropdown after the “You vs” to select gender and age ranges to compare against.





Tap on the dropdown below “HISTOGRAM” in the app to reveal all the options.

The y-axis describes the percentage of users and x-axis is the values (ranges). Most distributions follow a bell curve pattern. Your value will be highlighted in orange and your peers are in gray.

Radar Chart


Another view to see where you stand with respect to your peers is the new Radar Chart. Your data is depicted in orange and your peers in gray.


Each spoke describes certain characteristics: Resting HR, Sleep Duration, etc. and your value for each. Each value is “normalized”, which means that it’s all relative.

Insights 1

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