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The most advanced cloud-based wearable platform.


Clinical-quality Heart Analysis

The heart is your body’s most vital organ. That’s why monitoring it daily provides huge benefits to understanding your overall health. Biostrap utilizes a clinical-quality PPG sensor that allows us to gather and analyze extremely precise heartbeat data.

Now you can have the same technology your doctor uses.*

Biostrap Biometrics

*Biostrap is not intended for diagnosing or treating medical conditions.

Pulse wave in HD
PPG Waveform
Moving PPG Graph

How It Works

High-Definition Heart Beat

What makes us different?
Most wearables utilize a very basic heart rate monitor, counting only that a beat occurred. Our approach is different – instead of checking your pulse at all times, we check while you’re still, allowing us to capture high-fidelity, raw PPG waveforms. These waveforms are the same kind that your doctor uses to evaluate your heart’s health. That’s why our device is being utilized by doctors and clinicians to monitor their patients.

Raw PPG: The source code to your health.
Our clinical-quality PPG sensor allows us to gather extremely precise heartbeat data. Biostrap captures over 2,000 heartbeats every 24 hours. Every single pulsewave is analyzed for 29 different parameters, then analyzed against all of your other heartbeats from the last 24 hours.

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Dual-Device Technology

Full-body Activity Tracking

Your body movements are too complex for just one activity tracking device. That’s why the Biostrap platform utilizes two devices that work in harmony to help you understand your body and take your training to the next level.

Biostrap Wristband and Shoeclip
Actigraphy Wristband
Actigraphy Shoeclip
Shoe POD


Activity Classification

Actigraphy Wristband
Actigraphy Shoeclip
Shoe POD

Biostrap’s machine-learning algorithms are able to detect and analyze any repetitious activity that you perform. Get quantified reps, duration, form, and consistency for every set you perform.

Automatic cardio classification
Running, Walking, Swimming, Elliptical, Rowing, Stairmaster and Biking are classified automatically. No training needed.

Build your custom exercise library
Record any repetitious exercise once and Biostrap will automatically detect and analyze it for your future workouts. Want to track Aztec Pushups? Go right ahead. We can track over a hundred of your favorite exercises.

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Mobile App

Beautiful & Insightful


Remote Monitoring

Our remote monitoring feature allows users to share their data with their medical doctors or coaches. Health insights are no longer limited by distance.

Our Customers Love Us

"As a physician who monitors biometric data in my clients, I find the Biostrap to be my recommended device."
Dr. Daniel Stickler
Founder of Apeiron Center for Human Potential
"Absolutely love the design and this company is well on its way to being the leader in wearable fitness and biometric technology!"
Coach Eddie Mason
"[Biostrap] has done more to assist people with RLS than any hospital I have attended. Now, I am a master of my own destiny. I can try things and see if it works."
Duncan Fraser
Suffers from Restless Leg Syndrome
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Product Specs

Wristband Multi-view


Wristband Specs
Shoeclip Multi-view

Shoe Clip

Shoe clip specs

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