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Alex Fergus

All in all, the Biostrap represents an excellent set of tools to quantify the body. The price point and feature set squarely place it in direct competition with better known products from Oura , Motiv, WHOOP, Fitbit and Garmin.

Alex Fergus


The 5k Runner

This Biostrap Review sees a realistic alternative to the popular and trendy WHOOP Strap 2.0 but with EVEN MORE features. What sets Biostrap apart are the: detailed analyses for sleep; HRV & SpO2 sensing; strength & conditioning learned activities; footpod for unique sleep insights (and running/cycling); team & family data sharing; and the report facilities to help monitor some chronic medical conditions.

The 5k Runner


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Absolutely love the design and this company is well on its way to being the leader in wearable fitness and biometric technology!"

Coach Eddie Mason

NFL Legend

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