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Total Health Set

+ Sleep Lab (6 months)

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The most advanced cloud-based wearable platform.

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Clinical-quality Pulse Oximeter

Understand your body at a physiological level.

High fidelity, raw waveform data is captured from our clinical-quality pulse oximeter and analyzed by our cloud-based algorithms.

Track biometrics such as Oxygen saturation, Heart Rate Variability, Resting Heart Rate and more. All great indicators of overall health.

Improving your health starts with measuring it consistently against your baselines.

Start quantifying how you're performing, recovering, and sleeping.

Biostrap wristband

Full-body Motion Tracking

Your body's movements are far too complex for just one sensor.

The Total Health Set includes a shoepod to track the full spectrum of motions, giving users the ability to record hundreds of repetitious activities.

More accurate step count, track reps, workouts, and overall performance at the gym.

Classification and recognition lets you leave the gym knowing exactly what you've done; biometrics let you quantify how your body is responding.

6 months of Sleep Lab

Use code SLEEPLAB6 at checkout.

Features include:

  • Snoring levels using your phone's microphone.
  • Arm and Leg movement
  • Beautiful Sleep PDF report
  • Unlock even more Biometric readings throughout the night.
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What's included

Wristband sensor
Shoepod sensor
Inductive Charger Base
USB Cable
Three (3) straps colors

Product Specifications

Wristband Multi-view


Wristband Specs
Shoeclip Multi-view


Shoe clip specs

Returns & Warranty

We offer a100-day return and365-day warranty policy.

If you are dissatisfied with your purchase of the Biostrap Total Health set within 100 days of purchase, please contact us at to initiate the return process.

Biostrap Wristband and Shoeclip

Health in your hands

The world's most advanced wearable platform for biometrics is now available.

Biostrap Wristband Colors

Our customers love us

"As a physician who monitors biometric data in my clients, I find the Biostrap to be my recommended device."
Dr. Daniel Stickler
Founder of Apeiron Center for Human Potential
"Absolutely love the design and this company is well on its way to being the leader in wearable fitness and biometric technology!"
Coach Eddie Mason
"[Biostrap] has done more to assist people with RLS than any hospital I have attended. Now, I am a master of my own destiny. I can try things and see if it works."
Duncan Fraser
Suffers from Restless Leg Syndrome

Trusted by professionals

Learn why doctors, sleep technicians and coaches prefer Biostrap.

Biostrap Wristband Colors
Biostrap Wristband and Shoeclip