Remote Health
Monitoring Platform
For Visionaries

Customizable Biosensor-Based

Enterprise Health Monitoring Platform

Remote Health Monitoring Platform ForVisionaries

Customizable Biosensor-based Health Monitoring Platform

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Richer Data For Better Health Outcomes

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Precision medicine and the demand for wearables are on the rise, but data access and quality remain an issue. Data collected needs to be abundant, rich, and purpose-driven.

What works for one person...

First Responders

Sleep issues, stress, and fatigue. High risk of PTSD, depression, anxiety, and suicide

Measures of interest: Heart Rate Variability, Sleep

Does not work for another!

picture of sickle cell anemic patient in pain

Sickle Cell Patients

Pain episodes equivalent to bone fractures and are often hospitalized.

Measures of interest: PPG-derived features, Sleep

Fully Configurable Platform

One size does not fit all when it comes to using wearable technology. 

Biostrap offers an end-to-end remote health monitoring solution for personalized care that helps to achieve the best health outcomes for your patients.

Biostrap Kairos


Select the clinically reliable device(s) required for your use case or goal.
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Data Capture

Configure your own data parameter and surveys in a few clicks.

SDK and API available.
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Mobile App

Customize the mobile experience for your patients to optimize usability and engagement.
time tracking software

Remote Monitoring Dashboard

Monitor your patients with ease with predictive insights.

Biostrap offers the first-of-its-kind configurable biometric monitoring platform with cloud processing, customizable professional and user interfaces, AI-driven insights, and integration options.

Biostrap Kairos

Biostrap Kairos

Wearable for performance and wellness.

24/7 biometrics to monitor your patient’s sleep, recovery, activity, and stress in real-time with clinical-grade accuracy.

Clinical-grade Measures:

  • Active & Resting Heart Rate
  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
  • Interbeat Intervals
  • Comprehensive Sleep Analysis
  • Activity metrics
  • Respiratory Rate


  • Highly sensitive CMOS-based Optical Sensor
  • 3-axis Accelerometer
  • Up to 9 days battery life

Use cases

stock photography
Occupational Performance
Man working out
Health Optimization
Clinical researcher
Clinical Research

Real-time Autonomic Nervous System Insights


Real-time Autonomic Nervous System Insights

Accompanied by the advanced Vital Science app, Kairos provides unparalleled insights into your autonomic nervous system to help you to make more data-driven and informed decisions about your patients and clients.


Get more granular Heart Rate Variability (HRV) parameters with advanced and transparent data analysis that quantifies stress resilience and helps you understand the intricate play between Sympathetic (“fight or flight”) and Parasympathetic (“rest and digest”) branches.


Additionally, the in-app Spot Check feature allows you to monitor beat-to-beat data integrity and signal quality, while delivering heart rate variability assessment in a way that’s never been done before.

Remote Physiologic Monitoring (RPM)

Biostrap RPM Dashboard

Remote Physiologic Monitoring (RPM)

Looking to extend your professional care beyond facility walls? Biostrap provides an efficient turnkey solution to transcend care through 24/7 continuous health monitoring, custom user experience and surveys, and streamlined communication services. 

All managed in a secure and customizable HIPAA-compliant web platform.


Empowering investigators and research organizations with comprehensive tools to transform health data collection and analysis in clinical studies. Biostrap provides full support including custom algorithm development, streamlined access to high-fidelity raw or derived longitudinal data, integrated surveys and more. All in a HIPAA-compliant research environment. Biostrap devices are currently being used in research across the world.



Biostrap Connect

Biostrap CONNECT

Biostrap Connect

Building a custom digital health solution is expensive and time-consuming. 


Biostrap makes it simple and cost-effective with various integration options available using our API or Bluetooth SDKs, including the ability to white label hardware and software offerings.

Biostrap Labs

Biostrap Labs provides a science-based resource to health and wellness companies that want to validate product claims easily and affordably with an engaged user base. Biostrap handles all aspects of managing a commercial validation study from protocol development to publication

Biostrap Labs

Biostrap Labs
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The Biostrap Differences

Clinical Reliability

Clinical-grade biosensors and validated algorithms (See Biostrap Validation)


Providing access to clinical-grade data at an affordable price point.​

Multi-Device Framework​

Configure the hardware set for your use case.​​

Raw Data Access​

Biostrap stores and provides access to raw and/or processed data.​

Cloud Processing​

The Biostrap Pulse Engine ™ cloud-based computational tool filters, cleans, processes, and analyzes high-fidelity PPG waveform data.​

HIPAA-Compliant Web Dashboard​

One secure location to manage and analyze user data.​

Customizable User Experience​

Engage your users through a customized and simplified user experience with various add-ons available.​

Integration Options​

API and Bluetooth SDK integration options available.​

Customer Videos

Physician Thrive

"When Biostrap came along it pulled everyone together and everyone had the same buy-in and I don't think our company ever had this much positive healthy energy, the way we do now because of Biostrap"

Dubanes Bello - NJ Firefighter

"I think it's good that the Biostrap is able to recognize specific workouts, and when I see that my stress levels are slightly elevated I make the necessary steps that I need to make sure that they're lowered a little bit"

Biostrap Users

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