Biostrap Vitality

An immersive and educational wellness experience that empowers participants to proactively manage and take control of their own health and wellness to optimize life performance.

Baseline Phase Img

Baseline Phase

All participants are provided with a Biostrap Set for 2 weeks prior to the Lifestyle Modification Phase. During this time, participants are encouraged to simply wear the Biostrap device and not modify any existing habits or behaviors, allowing Biostrap to establish a comprehensive understanding of individual and group-level strengths and deficiencies. During the Baseline Phase, participants will receive comprehensive educational materials, including.

Lifestyle Modification Phase

Human physiology is complex and requires an individualized and data-driven approach for optimal and sustainable results.

The Lifestyle Modification Phase incorporates various psychological approaches to improve the participant’s self-awareness and motivation through ongoing education, weekly scorecards, psychosocial accountability, and positive reinforcement.

Through a phase-based approach, participants will not be overwhelmed but will develop an understanding of how each intervention is directly impacting their subjective and objective wellness.

Each week, participants will be guided through one primary pillar of proactive health with comprehensive, yet easy-to-understand educational materials and actionable recommendations.

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Program Overview

Week 01


Week 02

Sleep 1 – duration and establishing a pre sleep routine

Week 03

Sleep 2 – circadian rhythm and sleep accounting

Week 04

Daily management – consistency and avoiding sedentary periods

Week 05

Stress management – music therapy, breath work, meditation

Week 06

Nutrition & supplementation – food as fuel, basic education, phytonutrient spectrum

Week 07

Gut health, congnitive function and beyond

Week 08

Functional exercise

Weekly Scorecards

Each week, Biostrap will deliver company and individual scorecards which emphasize week-to-week and absolute improvements from baseline. The purpose of these scorecards is to provide positive reinforcement for ongoing motivation.



Biostrap provides fun and engaging leaderboards to encourage healthy and productive competition and social accountability. These leaderboards do not provide identifiable health information, but rather focus on rewarding participants based on program compliance, health habits, and health improvements.

Token Economy

A token economy is based on systematic reinforcement of targeted behaviors for sustainable behavioral modification. Biostrap creates an economy based on compliance measures to encourage participants to actively engage and participate in all aspects of the program. Participants will be motivated to earn tokens if they anticipate that a future reward will be represented, thereby increasing program compliance.

Self Maintenance Phase

Self-Maintenance Phase

After completing the Lifestyle Modification Phase, participants will graduate from the Biostrap Vitality program and be equipped with the knowledge and resources to proactively manage and take control over their own health and wellness. Participants will continue to receive weekly scorecards and leaderboards for ongoing motivation.