Biostrap Connect

Building your own wearable and digital health solution is expensive and time-consuming. 

Biostrap Connect makes it affordable and simple.

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Modular Solution

Biostrap Connect is a bespoke integration solution that empowers any company to enter the fast-growing market of wearable technology and digital health solutions, rapidly and cost-effectively. Biostrap provides clinically validated hardware, software, algorithms, and technical integration options to develop a custom solution that meets the unique needs of your business. Our modular offering allows you to use any individual component of our offering, or the entire stack!


White-label existing Biostrap devices, create custom bands to differentiate your product, or build a custom wearable device from the ground up!

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Custom Apps

Need to develop an Android and/or iOS application? Add your logo, brand elements, and color scheme to the Biostrap app, or we can help you build a custom user application.

Remote Monitoring Web Dashboard

Configure and access your own custom Remote Physiological Monitoring (RPM) web platform with unique dashboards, workflows, and more. Do you require HIPAA-compliance? We’ve got you covered.

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Remote Monitoring
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Custom Algorithms

Biostrap can assist with custom algorithm development, validation, and refinement to meet the specific needs of your business and the population(s) you serve

Integration Options

Already have an app or platform? Biostrap can seamlessly integrate into your existing solution and even transition our cloud solution to your existing servers.

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The Biostrap team collectively has over a hundred years of experience in hardware, software, data science, healthcare, and technical integrations. We are here to support you every step of the way.

Dedicated Support

Don’t have your own contact centers or customer support team? Biostrap also offers dedicated customer support services.

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