Biostrap Connect

Building your own wearable and digital health solution is expensive and time-consuming. 

Biostrap Connect makes it affordable and simple.

Discover a dark-themed app interface on smartphone, tablet, and computer monitors. Easily access dashboards and analytics across all your devices.
The health tracking app offers an intuitive dashboard and mobile interface that showcases vital metrics such as activity, recovery, and sleep. Users can access detailed charts and statistics within a sleek dark-themed design, enhancing user experience. Additionally, the app includes RPM (Remote Patient Monitoring) features to provide comprehensive wellness insights. Transform your health journey with precise data visualization and in-depth analytics for optimal well-being.

Modular Solution

Biostrap Connect is a bespoke integration solution that empowers any company to enter the fast-growing market of wearable technology and digital health solutions, rapidly and cost-effectively. Biostrap provides clinically validated hardware, software, algorithms, and technical integration options to develop a custom solution that meets the unique needs of your business. Our modular offering allows you to use any individual component of our offering, or the entire stack!


White-label existing Biostrap devices, create custom bands to differentiate your product, or build a custom wearable device from the ground up!

Discover the ultimate sleek black fitness tracker, featuring a stylish rectangular display and an adjustable silicone strap. Designed for health enthusiasts who prioritize detailed research into their fitness metrics, this cutting-edge wearable ensures you stay on top of your fitness goals. Viewed from an angled side perspective, it exemplifies both form and function for a modern lifestyle.
Discover "Demo Corp's" advanced health monitoring dashboard displayed on a high-resolution laptop screen. This intuitive interface features comprehensive graphs and detailed statistics, including sleep patterns and step count data, as well as heart rate measured in RPM for user Michael Herrera. Stay informed and keep track of your health metrics effortlessly with Demo Corp's innovative technology.

Custom Apps

Need to develop an Android and/or iOS application? Add your logo, brand elements, and color scheme to the Biostrap app, or we can help you build a custom user application.

Remote Monitoring Web Dashboard

Configure and access your own custom Remote Physiological Monitoring (RPM) web platform with unique dashboards, workflows, and more. Do you require HIPAA-compliance? We’ve got you covered.

A tablet screen showcasing a remote monitoring dashboard features comprehensive health data, including heart rate, respiratory rate, and activity levels. This innovative solution bridges the gap between healthcare professionals and patients by providing seamless access to vital statistics in real-time.
Optimize your workflow with our sleek dark-themed dashboard. Featuring an intuitive table, this powerful interface neatly organizes user profiles, status indicators, and essential numerical data for quick access and easy analysis. Navigate effortlessly using the left sidebar, where you'll find your profile picture and essential navigation links for "Dashboard," "Settings," and "Connect." Improve your efficiency with our user-friendly dark mode dashboard today!
A vivid and dynamic computer screen showcases multiple lines of code filled with essential functions, identifiers, and targeted keywords. Expertly crafted to seamlessly integrate various modules and execute tasks with utmost efficiency, this visually appealing display exemplifies optimal coding practices.

Custom Algorithms

Biostrap can assist with custom algorithm development, validation, and refinement to meet the specific needs of your business and the population(s) you serve

Integration Options

Already have an app or platform? Biostrap can seamlessly integrate into your existing solution and even transition our cloud solution to your existing servers.

**Dual Digital Dashboard Screens: Comprehensive Metrics and Insights for Enhanced Performance**

Discover the ultimate efficiency with our dual digital dashboard screens. The top screen meticulously tracks key health metrics such as activity, recovery, and sleep patterns. Meanwhile, the bottom screen delivers invaluable website statistics and audience insights to keep you informed about your online performance. Optimize your monitoring experience and stay ahead with our all-in-one data display solution.
A tablet showcases a dark-themed fitness dashboard, presenting detailed activity, recovery, and sleep stats through interactive graphs and metrics. This seamless integration of health data enhances your understanding of overall wellness.


The Biostrap team collectively has over a hundred years of experience in hardware, software, data science, healthcare, and technical integrations. We are here to support you every step of the way.

Dedicated Support

Don’t have your own contact centers or customer support team? Biostrap also offers dedicated customer support services.

**Cheerful Individual in Light Blue Shirt with Arms Crossed in Front of White Geometric Background**

Discover a friendly connection with Julia! A smiling person wearing a light blue shirt stands confidently with arms crossed against a stylish, white geometric design. Below, a welcoming text box asks: "Good day, Julia! How can I help you connect? 😊"

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