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"I really found that with Biostrap's data, I can feel confident that this [seeing my clients' health]..."

Ashley Grimmel (Biometric Health Coach)

Earn cash from every sale

When you sign up to be a Biostrap affiliate, you’ll receive a customized link to Biostrap that you can share in your newsletters, on your website, social media posts, and Instagram bio — however and wherever you’d like! You’ll earn a nice pocket full of cash for every customer that makes a purchase via your personalized link.

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Choose Your Program

Whether you would like to offer a discount to your customers or cash in the full commission instead, please choose one of the following options. Keep in mind, you can only enroll in ONE of the 2 commission programs.

Can’t decide which option to enroll in? Let’s talk!

10% Commission Program​

Choose your unique discount code to offer 10% off to your customers and earn 10% commission after each sale.

20% Commission Program​

Earn 20% commission after each sale.

Why work with us

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Affiliate Benefits

High Affiliate Commissions

Earn high commissions of up to 20% on every purchase via your personalized link.

Commission paid out on a monthly basis*

*Minimum $101 balance required for payout.

Be In The Know

Get the latest creative assets and content to help boost sales.

Education & Support

Receive onboarding, ongoing education, support, news, tips and tricks to optimize your earnings.

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Who qualifies to become a Biostrap affiliate

Product Benefits

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Frequently Asked Questions

While it helps to have a website, it isn’t necessary to have one in order to become a Biostrap affiliate. You can promote your affiliate link via blog posts, newsletters, social media, professional network, friends, and family.

First, select your desired program and apply via the link on this page. Then, we’ll email you a set of questions to get to know you and your intentions for becoming a Biostrap Affiliate.
Prior to approval, we’ll ask you to complete the Biostrap Academy courses to learn all about our digital health platform and what it offers.
Once approved, you’ll receive a customized link to the Biostrap shop that you can share with your network via newsletters, website, and social media posts.* You’ll earn cash for every customer that makes a purchase via your personal affiliate link.

*Please refer to Terms & Conditions for limitations.

There’s no cost associated with becoming a Biostrap Affiliate!

When you’re ready!

Affiliate payouts occur on a monthly basis via PayPal. An affiliate must reach a minimum commission balance of $101 USD to receive their payment.

We accept all types of websites into the Biostrap Affiliate Program. However, we do reserve the right to deny applications for any coupon sites, third-party reseller sites, or website that we deem inappropriate, including (but not limited to) any site that features sexually explicit material, promotes violence, discrimination, and/or illegal activities.

Once your application is approved, the approval email will include a link to an affiliate platform, called Tapfiliate. Make sure to login using the information you created when you applied, and you can keep track of all your generated sales and commissions right there.

In the event a customer requests a refund for a transaction for which the Affiliate has earned commission, any commission earned on the refund amount will be deducted from the Affiliate’s balance.

We have set restrictions and limitations in place, including but not limited to:

Biostrap logos and assets should not be modified.
Affiliates cannot imply that they are acting on behalf of Biostrap.
Affiliates should not use any techniques that are considered spamming or ‘black hat’
Details on these restrictions can be accessed here (-Link T&C page: ) – can you please make sure it’s up-to-date? Thank you!!!

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