Meet the team behind the most advanced wearable platform.

Meet the Team Behind the Most Advanced Wearable Platform.

World map displaying markers in the United States, India, and South Africa, indicating specific locations in these countries known for their research on ANS Balance and Stress Resilience.

Our Culture Is Our Vision & Our Mission

Biostrap is on a mission to provide the world’s most advanced, science-based platform to improve global health. We are building an ecosystem of partners to provide and use data to gather insights to one’s health.

10+ Countries

An international team on a mission to improve global health.

20+ Experts

Highly-skilled individuals in the fields of health, technology and business.


A group of professionals with diverse backgrounds yet a common vision in sight.

A person with short dark hair, smiling, wearing a light-colored shirt, and standing against a plain white background, exemplifies stress resilience.

Sameer Sontakey

CEO / Co-Founder team arrow

A man with short black hair and glasses, wearing a dark business suit and light blue dress shirt, looks at the camera with a neutral expression, embodying stress resilience. The background is plain and light-colored.

Dilip Sontakey

CTO / Co-Founder team arrow

A man with short gray hair, wearing a blue polo shirt, smiles at the camera with a background of trees and a lawn, embodying stress resilience.

Joe Bennett

VP of Hardware

A bald man with a beard, exuding stress resilience, stands outdoors in a yellow and black uniform against a backdrop of clear blue sky.

Bob Wagner

VP of Strategic Accounts

A person stands against a stone wall, wearing a dark jacket with a heart logo on the chest and a maroon shirt underneath, arms crossed and smiling, exuding stress resilience.

Steve Feng

VP of Technology

A man with dark hair, a mustache, and a beard is wearing a dark blue shirt with white stripes. He is looking directly at the camera. There is a blurred background with a portion of a face visible on the right, reflecting his calm demeanor and stress resilience.

Anirban Roy Das

Director of Backend Engineering and Infrastructure

A person in a black one-sleeve dress stands in front of a blue backdrop with "Golden Globes" text and hashtags, exuding an aura of stress resilience.

Klaudia Balogh

Director of Marketing

A woman with long black hair, wearing a white blouse and black blazer, stands in front of a green leafy background, embodying stress resilience as she looks at the camera.

Rati Sontakey

Director of Finance

A man with short blonde hair and a light beard smiles outdoors, wearing a light beige button-up shirt. Embracing ANS Balance, he stands in a green grassy area with trees in the background, radiating stress resilience.

Kerry Martin, PhD

Director of Science

A person stands outdoors with arms crossed, wearing a gray t-shirt, exuding stress resilience. There is greenery and a fence in the background.

Wikus Villet, PhD

VP of Embedded Algorithms

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