Remote Physiological Monitoring (RPM)

A fully integrated platform developed to empower professionals & organizations to provide custom digital health solutions.

Healthcare Professionals

Clinical Research

Corporate Organizations

Athletic / Fitness Organizations

Healthcare Organizations

Assisted Living Facilities​

Real-time & continuous biometric monitoring of vital signs to improve workflow efficiency and resident outcomes through early detection of decompensation. In a recent study, the Biostrap wrist-worn device was well-accepted by residents and staff with high accuracy and greater frequency of vital sign measurements. It was concluded that the Biostrap biosensor provides actionable information in the LTC setting that may provide early indication of illness or potential deterioration.

Utilized Features

Live Dashboard, Data Download, EHR Integration

Illustration of a Diverse Group of Women with Various Hairstyles and Skin Tones, Radiating Joy in Pink, Purple, and Orange Tops

Discover a captivating illustration celebrating diversity: a group of joyful women with various hairstyles and skin tones. Each woman is smiling brightly, adorned in stylish shades of pink, purple, and orange tops. This vibrant artwork captures the essence of unity and high-energy gatherings. Feel the high rpm energy that mirrors an exhilarating celebration!

National Institute of Minority Health and Health Disparities

Biostrap was selected by the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities as the digital health solution for a COVID-19 natural history study to better understand the long-term sequelae of COVID-19 in disproportionately impacted and underserved populations with diminished access to healthcare.

Utilized Features

Customized user application, multilingual app translation, custom survey integration & notifications.

Healthcare Professionals

Experience the sleek elegance of a modern office hallway, featuring chic grey floors and a pristine white wall adorned with a captivating blue neon sign that reads "Bespoke." The open office area in the background is accentuated by vibrant potted plants, bringing a refreshing and invigorating ambiance that fuels creativity and productivity. Discover how this thoughtfully designed space keeps the creative energy at peak performance levels.

Bespoke Treatments (Physical Therapy)

Facilitation of remote and hybrid physical therapy programs to provide improved continuity of care, AI-assisted program development, compliance monitoring, and patient outcomes.

Utilized Features

RPM Dashboard, Hierarchy Feature, Custom User Application, Visual Assessments, HIPAA-Compliant Teleconferencing

An elderly couple, both dressed in light-colored sweaters, stand hand in hand on a picturesque wooden walkway. They smile warmly at the camera, exuding happiness and serenity. The softly blurred trees in the background enhance the serene ambiance of the park, offering a perfect escape from life's fast pace. Ideal for those seeking moments of tranquility and genuine connection, this setting embodies peace and timeless love.

Rezilir Health (Primary Care)

Rezilir’s team of world-class clinicians is leveraging Biostrap for remote patient monitoring and intervention tracking to inform clinical decision making with a focus on patients with chronic disease, early-onset Alzheimer’s, Dementia, MS, autoimmune, ME/CFS, cognitive decline,and Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS).

Utilized Features

RPM Dashboard, PDF Reports

Man in swim trunks on sailboat throws black backpack into the sea with distant boat and shoreline under partly cloudy sky. Boat rpm hums steadily in background.

Ocule (Concierge Medicine)

Utilization of the Biostrap EVO to establish a comprehensive 5-day baseline as part of the patient intake and baseline process, with intermittent reassessment as needed.

Utilized Features

RPM Dashboard, Data Download, PDF Reports

Clinical Research

childrens hospital los angeles logo

CHLA: Development of a Novel Biomarker for Sickle Cell Pain Crises

A CHLA/USC research team, led by Dr. Thomas Coates and Dr. Michael Khoo, has developed a novel biomarker (mVASOC) that quantifies vasoconstriction in humans and is highly predictive of future vaso-occlusive crisis in patients with sickle cell disease. This biomarker is likely also important in many other types of peripheral vascular disease, autonomic nervous system dysregulation and sleep apnea. This biomarker can be measured using the Biostrap wristband making it useful for outcome prediction and monitoring of treatment.

Utilized Features

RPM Dashboard, Hierarchy Feature, Custom User Application, Visual Assessments, Teleconferencing

A Stunning Aerial View of a University Campus: Lush Greenery Meets Urban Life

Experience the vibrant energy of urban life from above with this breathtaking aerial view of a cityscape showcasing a university campus. Nestled amidst lush greenery, the campus is juxtaposed against a distant skyline under a partly cloudy sky. This stunning landscape captures the dynamic rhythm and fast-paced environment characteristic of high RPM urban living. Discover how nature and academia seamlessly blend within this captivating scene.

Tulane University

Wearable Health Data to Characterize Early and Delayed Cardiovascular Outcomes in COVID-19 Patients After Discharge

Utilized Features

PPG/actigraphy data download, RPM Dashboard (Research Mode), custom data transfer pipeline, surveys

Health/Athletic Organizations

Iron Cowboy Health Monitoring Team

Biostrap is being utilized to provide comprehensive health data to healthcare professionals across the world during the Iron Cowboy’s world record breaking feat of completing 100 long-distance triathlons in 100 days.

Utilized Features

RPM Dashboard, Data Download, Custom User

A Shirtless, Muscular Man Flexes Biceps Against Black Background, Showcasing Upper Left Chest Tattoo

Discover the captivating image of a shirtless man with a muscular build flexing his biceps against a striking black background. This powerful pose highlights a unique tattoo on his upper left chest, reminiscent of an engine roaring at high RPM. Perfect for fitness enthusiasts and tattoo lovers alike!
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**Experience Live Basketball Action in Our State-of-the-Art Indoor Arena**

Step into the ultimate indoor basketball arena, featuring striking red seating and a massive, high-tech scoreboard that showcases player stats in real-time. Feel the energy as players warm up on the court, their movements harmonizing like a well-tuned engine at optimal performance. Although a few dedicated spectators are already seated, enjoying the bright and welcoming atmosphere, this well-lit arena has plenty of room for more fans to join in on the excitement. Don't miss out—come witness live basketball action at its finest!

UNLV Athletics

Biostrap was selected as the RPM partner for UNLV Athletics to monitor athletes recovery and self-reported data with access to team coaches and athletic training staff.

Utilized Features

RPM Dashboard, Hierarchy Feature, Custom Surveys, Data Download, Custom Use App.

Corporate Organizations​

A research satellite orbits above Earth, capturing stunning views of a coastal area, highlighting the beautiful contrast between the desert terrain and the deep-blue ocean waters.


Biostrap has been selected as the RPM partner for AdvancingX, a research and technology leader for markets including space exploration and the defense industry, to help advance safety and optimize performance of its Career Astronauts.

Utilized Features

RPM Dashboard, EWS Dashboard, Data Download, Custom User App

Physician’s Thrive

The Biostrap Vitality program is an immersive and educational wellness experience that empowers participants to proactively manage and take control of their health and wellness to optimize life performance, within and beyond the corporate setting.

Utilized Features

RPM Dashboard, PDF Reports, Custom User App

Looking for a dynamic visual effect? Discover our soft gradient background that transitions seamlessly from light pink to light blue. With adjustable rotation speeds, you can set varying RPMs to enhance your design effortlessly. Capture attention with this stunning, adaptive gradient effect perfect for any project!

The Future is Digital

The health tracking app offers an intuitive dashboard and mobile interface that showcases vital metrics such as activity, recovery, and sleep. Users can access detailed charts and statistics within a sleek dark-themed design, enhancing user experience. Additionally, the app includes RPM (Remote Patient Monitoring) features to provide comprehensive wellness insights. Transform your health journey with precise data visualization and in-depth analytics for optimal well-being.

Access to continuous digital health and performance data has never been more valuable. Biostrap RPM provides an efficient solution to transcend care through 24/7 continuous monitoring, custom workflows, and streamlined communication services- all managed in a secure and customizable web platform.

RPM Platform

Building a custom wearable platform is expensive and time consuming. Biostrap RPM makes it simple

Choose from Biostrap’s clinically reliable sensors and have access to selected raw and/or processed PPG, gyroscope, and accelerometer data.

Customize the RPM web app to fit any specific usecases. Select from multiple biometric dashboard configuration options, or build your own. All with a HIPAA-compliant platform.

Add your logo, brand elements, and color scheme to the Biostrap app, or request a custom user application. Efficiently customize participant data visibility (UX/UI), enrollment workflows, surveys, in-app educational widgets, device recording settings and sampling rates.

Monitor your clients’ health data efficiently through an easy-to-access web dashboard and gain valuable insights into sleep quality, recovery, and activity as well as advanced biometric data trends and analysis, including blood oxygen saturation, heart rate, HRV, respiratory rate, and arterial properties. 

An elderly couple smiles warmly at each other while enjoying a day on the beach. In front of them, a laptop screen showcases an advanced health monitoring dashboard, featuring key user metrics like RPM tracking to analyze their daily walks. Enhance your wellness journey with real-time health insights designed for seniors.


Add your logo, brand elements, and color scheme to the Biostrap RPM and user applications to deliver a bespoke RPM experience. Additional customization options include biometric recording settings, configurable patient dashboards, custom in-app surveys, visual assessments, widget links, and more!

A tablet screen showcasing the Biostrap app settings features options such as automatic license assignment, special color schemes, customizable tab bars, and personalized tags. User information and an RPM monitoring section are conveniently displayed on the left side for easy access.
Discover "Demo Corp's" advanced health monitoring dashboard displayed on a high-resolution laptop screen. This intuitive interface features comprehensive graphs and detailed statistics, including sleep patterns and step count data, as well as heart rate measured in RPM for user Michael Herrera. Stay informed and keep track of your health metrics effortlessly with Demo Corp's innovative technology.

Dashboard Configurations

Select from multiple biometric dashboard configuration options- or build your own!

A map of a city with various user profile pictures scattered over it, indicating different locations. Green areas represent parks, promoting stress resilience, and blue lines indicate rivers.

Remote Monitoring

Efficiently monitor your client’s health data in a single dashboard for insight into sleep, recovery, and biometric data trends.

Discover the power of real-time risk assessment with our Tablet Screen displaying a comprehensive 'Return to Work Dashboard.' Monitor individuals exhibiting respiratory illness, categorized into high, moderate, and low-risk groups using cutting-edge RPM data. Stay informed and make data-driven decisions for a safer workplace.
A tablet screen showcasing a comprehensive fitness tracking dashboard, complete with categorized metrics for Activity, Recovery, and Sleep. Detailed graphs illustrate steps taken, sleep stages, RPM during workouts, and related fitness data.
Optimize Your Health with Our App: Analyze HRV Baselines, RPM, and Activity Patterns

Discover how you measure up with a screenshot from our cutting-edge health app. Visualize your Heart Rate Variability (HRV) baselines compared to other users through an intuitive histogram. Dive deeper into your wellness journey with a dynamic radar chart that breaks down the correlation between HRV, Rotations Per Minute (RPM), and key activities such as sleep quality and weekly exercise routines. Boost your fitness insights today!

Early Warning System (EWS)

Early detection of changes in health status based on variance from an individual baseline, provided via a stoplight warning system that can be easily interpreted by non-healthcare personnel without additional training.

Live Dashboard

Monitor continuous & real-time biometric data in acute care settings

Population Insights

Organizational level insights on sleep, recovery, and biometric baseline improvements.

A woman in a wheelchair wears earphones, waving as she uses her laptop at a modern table surrounded by lush plants. The lively ambiance around her hums with activity, creating an energetic atmosphere.

Key Features

Integrated HIPAA-compliant appointment scheduling, teleconferencing, and note-taking all in one place.

Administrators may schedule or send custom notifications directly to users’ connected devices.

Users may generate PDF reports to share with healthcare providers or family members for further evaluation and analysis.

Access selected data sets via a HIPAA-compliant cloud-based platform. Users and providers own the data and it’s never sold to third-party organizations.

Establish data access hierarchies, assign de-identified Unique User ID’s or download de-identified data, and efficiently manage participant compliance via the Biostrap User Management dashboard, automated reports and user notifications.

Access to SDK and API for seamless integration into an existing solution or transition the Biostrap cloud solution to existing servers.

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