Evolve your life with Biostrap EVO

Shipping in November 2020.

Manage Your Recovery
Quantify Your Health
Track Your Sleep
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Quantify Your Health
Track Your Sleep
Manage Your Recovery
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“My Biostrap has been an absolute game changer in my athletic training, performance, and general wellness"

Victoria Anthony

USA’s #1 ranked 48kg wrestler, and the first ever 4x WCWA National Champion in Women’s College Wrestling.

Sleep Is Essential. Quantify Yours

Biostrap automatically performs clinically-reliable biometric data collection every 2 to 10 minutes for comprehensive sleep analysis throughout each night, assessing important parameters including:

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Sleep time relative to total time in bed
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Analysis of light versus deep sleep durations and relative percentages

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Sleep onset & wake-up time

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Amount of time to fall asleep

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Distinguish between voluntary & involuntary awakenings

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Heart rate, oxygen saturation, heart rate variability and respiratory rate.

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Integration with phone’s microphone to track snoring levels (with optional Biostrap Sleep Lab)

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Comprehensive analysis of arm and leg movement, including severity

Feeling overwhelmed with all that data? Don’t be. 

Biostrap utilizes complex sleep algorithms and machine learning to deliver the Biostrap Sleep Score, ranging from 0-100, for an easy-to-understand indication of your overall sleep quality and factors negatively impacting your sleep.

Introducing Biostrap EVO

Biostrap has an EVOlved Biosensor!

Introducing Biostrap EVO

Meet our new EVOlved Biosensor!

Introducing Biostrap EVO

Meet our new EVOlved Biosensor and Wristband!

You don't need to be an Olympian to recover like one

What if we told you that skipping a gym session after a long day to focus on rest and recovery would help you achieve your health and fitness goals faster while minimizing your risk of injury?

The Biostrap Recovery Score (0-100) utilizes machine learning based on individual trends of sleep and nervous system biometrics to deliver a simple understanding of how ready your body is to achieve favorable adaptation and when it may be better to take the day off and focus on recovery.

Over time you will develop an understanding of how sleep improves recovery and how recovery dictates readiness to face stressors, physical or cognitive.

Nighttime Is Your Time

Many wearables and health trackers promote the idea of 24/7 monitoring or snapshots during the day (like first thing in the morning). However, the science suggests that nocturnal biometric trends over time are what provide the deepest insights into human neurobiology.

With Biostrap your recovery score is based on your individual biometric signature. Biostrap users can monitor their nocturnal biometrics to quantify their lifestyle.

Examples Include:

How has my resting heart rate changed since I started that new fitness program?

How has my resting heart rate changed since I started that new fitness program?

Did that expensive CBD product improve my HRV (Heart Rate Variability)?

Did my Respiratory Rate increase because I was exposed to something?

Is my snoring resulting in a nocturnal drop in SpO2 (Blood Oxygen Saturation)?

And more!

“Biostrap has provided me more valuable data about my overall health and my lifestyle, than any other device has ever given me.”

Dr. Christopher W. Shade

PhD, Founder and CEO of Quicksilver Scientific®

“I’ve got more valuable data about my overall health and my lifestyle, than any other device has ever given me.”
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Dr. Christopher W. Shade
PhD, Founder and CEO of Quicksilver Scientific®

Breathing - It's In Your Blood

Biostrap was one of the first wearables to offer pulse oximetry oxygen saturation (SpO2) in a wrist-worn device. Since 2016, the team at Biostrap has been refining our SpO2 algorithm and providing our users with insights into this key biometric.


Most consumer wearables use green light sensors to extract superficial readings from the capillaries; therefore, they cannot capture SpO2. Biostrap’s proprietary IR/Red light sensor obtains arterial metrics that have been used by researchers, cardiologists and the general public to make health decisions since the company’s inception.


You can do no better than Biostrap for monitoring your health or that of your loved ones. Remote monitoring is included with your purchase, for up to five family members. All you need is the Biostrap app and a device for each member of your family to wear during sleep.

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You Are In Control


Biostrap does not mine or sell user data. Your personal data will never be sold, shared or revealed to any third party without your permission. Biostrap has no microphone or tracking functionality in the wrist worn device.
(NOTE: GPS Tracking of exercise and recording of snoring are permission based, and optional via your connected smartphone*).


Biostrap user data is on a 100% safe and secure server in the USA. We follow best security practices by keeping your biometric data on our cloud servers rather than your device, which adds an additional layer of security. Biostrap is designed and manufactured in the USA. :us:

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View your data in the Biostrap app or via the Biostrap web dashboard. Should you want to export or share your Biostrap data with third parties, you can easily sync it with Apple Health, Google Fit, Heads-Up Health and more.
*Recording of snoring is only available with a Sleep Lab Subscription.

Introducing Biostrap EVO

Meet our new EVOlved Biosensor!

Introducing Biostrap EVO

Meet our new EVOlved Biosensor and Wristband!
Shipping in November 2020.

Introducing Biostrap EVO

Biostrap has an EVOlved Biosensor! 

“It could help improve not only your sleep, but aid in the process of keeping you from getting sick.”
“Big data firm, digs deep”
"These wearables right now are the best way to get that data.”
“can reveal more than ever about the human body.”
“aims to go deeper on biometric insights than most rival devices.”
“The app would show you and the doctor a variety of heart and lung functions, your sleep patterns.”
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The Power Of Red LED

If you have freckles, tattoos or a darker skin tone, your data from most wearables may be inaccurate due to their use of green light technology.


Biostrap EVO’s Infrared and Red light-based PPG signal can penetrate deep into the tissue without being affected by skin pigmentation and other physiological variations. Deeper skin penetration equals more accurate, high-quality biometric data collection.

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Meet our signature biosensor: EVO

Providing the highest data integrity, Biostrap EVO captures biometrics at clinical-grade accuracy, measures your sleep cycles and syncs with your phone in a matter of a few minutes, so you will know exactly how ready your body is to face the day.

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The improved sensor will provide up to five times faster sync speed without sacrificing data accuracy.
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High-resolution data captures with larger packet sizes.
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Improved Bluetooth connectivity will allow for an increased distance between your Biostrap EVO and phone.
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Rain or shine, on the ground or in water, Biostrap EVO can withstand moisture and dust. Use in sauna, active watersports and saltwater is not recommended.
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Available in ONYX with Silver accent, or IVORY with Rose Gold accent, the EVO Straps look stunning and fit like a second skin.


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Ergonomically Improved New Wristband
Medical-grade, hypoallergenic silicone designed for optimal airflow. Stainless Steel watch-style buckles improve ease of use to adapt to your wrist size.

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How Biostrap EVO works: step-by-step instructions



Download the Biostrap app



Charge your Biostrap EVO



Create your personal profile



Pair Biostrap EVO with your phone



Start tracking your biometrics, sleep and recovery (Biostrap EVO will establish your baseline during the first 5 nights)

This offer is for a limited time and will not be repeated.

Currently available ONLY to customers in the US.

Currently available ONLY to customers in the North America.

  • Exclusive offer to customers in NORTH AMERICA ONLY.
  • Wait time will be up 14 days due to volume
  • 30-Day Return Policy starts on the day of delivery. 


Most of the wearable devices on the market today only offer basic sleep analysis and heart rate tracking. Biostrap provides deep insights into your sleep, recovery and overall health to help you make more informed decisions each day.


A lot of information is encoded in your pulse waveform. Using a Red and Infrared Led sensors, Biostrap takes a high-definition snapshot of your biometric data such as Resting Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability, Oxygen Saturation and Respiratory Rate.

Biostrap’s advanced sleep tracking tells you how long you slept, how long it took you to fall asleep, whether you woke up during the night and how much time you spent in different stages of sleep.


Plus the optional Sleep Lab subscription allows you to capture even more biometrics during sleep, track arm and leg movement, record snoring and export a PDF sleep report.


You don’t have to wear the Biostrap all day. Biostrap EVO’s superpower lies in nocturnal biometric recordings and sleep and recovery tracking. Make sure to wear it during sleep.


If you want to measure your steps, you can wear it during the day. However, for step and activity tracking, we recommend adding the activity pod and one of our heart rate monitors to your purchase.

We recommend charging your device daily and keeping your battery above 20% at all times.

You can always check the battery status of your device on the Settings page in the Biostrap app. While on the charger, your Biostrap app will send a notification when your biosensor’s battery reaches 50%, 75% and 100%.

With normal usage, you can expect: 1-2 days from the EVO biosensor. 


It is totally normal for the device to stop charging before reaching 100%, and settle between 90-99%. 


The EVO biosensor can be charged while inside the strap, or by itself.

To clean both your EVO biosensor and the wrist strap, remove the biosensor from the strap and wipe them thoroughly with an alcohol wipe.

Currently available ONLY to customers in the North America.

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