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Comprehensive sleep analytics

Sleep is the foundation for healthy bodily function. Our clinical-quality pulse oximeter takes snapshots of your biometrics over the course of your sleep. Get oxygen saturation, heart rate variability, and more.
Clinical-quality biometrics
Access Heart Rate Variability, Heart rate, Oxygen Saturation, Respiratory Rate.

Have a hard time getting restorative sleep? Dive deeper into your sleep disturbances by quantifying your snoring, leg and arm movements and more.

Unlock even more in-depth data with Sleep Lab.
What's Sleep Lab?

Recover faster, perform better

Heart Rate Variability represents your body’s physiological state to determine your personal readiness to perform.

After establishing your baselines, you unlock personalized insights and your desirable ranges to keep you in optimal performance.

Trending your biometrics over time allows you to to see what behavior changes are affecting your baselines at the macro level.

Personalized insights into your health

Unlock your insights after a short 5-day baselining period where we understand your body at a more personalized level.


See how your baselines metrics stack up against your people in your demographic.

Radar Chart
Easily Identify areas of improvement based on users in your demographic.

Massive activity library

Track 100+ activities
From meditation, swimming, to weight training. We've got your covered.

Freeform Gym Workout
Our machine-learning algorithms are able to detect and analyze any repetitious activity that you perform. Get quantified reps, duration, form, and consistency for every set you perform.

Build your custom exercise library
Record any repetitious exercise once and Biostrap will automatically detect and analyze it for your future workouts. Want to track Aztec Pushups? Go right ahead. We can track over a hundred of your favorite exercises.

Unlock active heart rate using your favorite HR monitor

Pair your favorite bluetooth Heart rate monitor to our app and you'll enrich your workout data with heart rate zones, and get even more accurate calories.

We support the following:
Polar H7
Polar H10
Polar OH1
Wahoo Tickr
Adidas X_Cell
and more!

Remote Monitoring

Coaches can monitor players, children can monitor parents, doctors can monitor patients, and people can better understand the physiological well being of their loved ones around the world.

Heart rate variability, resting heart rate, and SpO2 can now be accessed and monitored by yourself and whoever else you’d like.

Health insights are no longer limited by distance.

Connected GPS

The connected GPS feature can be accessed via your smartphone to give you a map of your activity.

Get metrics like distance, altitude, and pace.

This function requires a Bluetooth connection with a smartphone, and location services must be turned on.

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