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Participate In Building A Better Wellness Industry

Humanity deserves better!

With 4.2 trillion dollars of wellness products sold around the world every year, consumers deserve to know what is efficacious.


Biostrap Labs needs YOUR help to conduct real world research to validate the outcomes from various health, wellness and fitness interventions.

Why Should I Participate In Biostrap Labs ?
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Contribute to Science

Most research studies take years, require vast teams and signifiant capital investment. Making product validation beyond the reach of most brands. By sharing your anonymous results you improve our understanding of how and why certain interventions work. You contribution will quantify exactly what is happening to an individual’s neurophysiology, enhancing human knowledge about emerging technologies and programs.

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Obtain Complimentary Wellness Products

In addition to ensuring people don’t waste their time and money on interventions that don’t work. You may obtain access to new products, programs and concepts designed to improve human health before they enter the mass market. In all instances the products/programs are free and the participants that have successful compliance are often welcome to keep the products at the completion of the study*

*NOTE: In the cases of high cost products a return request or offer to purchase at a significant discount may be required.

How Do I Participate

This program is open to any adult with a smartphone and internet access.

Participant privacy is paramount at Biostrap Labs, you control your data and informed consent is required prior to any study.

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