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Activity Pod

Best for step and activity tracking and monitoring leg movement during sleep*

Available from mid-2020

Additional accessories required to wear and charge it properly:

  • Activity Pod Clip
  • Ankle Strap
  • Dual Slot Charger
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What's inside the box?

  • EVO Biosensor
  • Black Pin-Clasp Wristband
  • Single Slot Charger
  • 1m /39″ USB Cable
  • Quick Start Guide

How to wear it

You can wear your Activity Pod in two ways:

1 – On top of your shoelaces: Place the clip under your tied shoelaces with the single line of the clip pointing toward your toes. Take the Biostrap Activity Pod and put the logo side down in the clip, aligning the single and double lines. Press down until you hear it click into place. This will ensure the pod is secure.

Note:If your shoelaces are thick, DO NOT put too many (max 2 lines) between the clip and the pod. It can lead to the pod popping out during activity. To ensure the pod is secure, pull it straight up. It should remain in the clip. If you feel it being loose, please use the ankle strap instead.

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2 – With the Ankle Strap. Secure the pod on the strap using the Activity Pod Clip ensuring the single and double lines match and pressing down until it clicks. This way you can still track your activity even if your shoes don’t have laces. Plus, if you have a Sleep Lab subscription, you can measure your leg movement during sleep.

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2 Slots Charger 3

First Charge

To charge the Activity Pod, you will need the Dual Slot Charger:


  • Using a micro-USB cord, plug the charger into a power source
  • The lights will turn a white/blue color when connected to power
  • The wristband device goes in the longer slot and the Activity Pod in the shorter slot
  • When you place the devices on the charger, the white/blue lights will turn orange indicating the devices are charging
  • The lights will blink or remain white/blue if the device is not charging properly, or if it is not placed on the charger properly
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Let’s Download The Biostrap App

Download the Biostrap app from either the App Store for iOS or the Play Store for Android.

Iron Cowboy

James Lawrence, Guinness World Record holder. Biostrap’s ability to remotely monitor my health from anywhere is a huge piece of the puzzle in giving us a chance at accomplishing what we believe may be endurance sports history.”

Andre Obradovic

Endurance Athlete & Health Coach "I do about 6 Half Ironmans a year and Biostrap is a fundamental tool in my training system to make sure I'm performing at my best."

Dr. Daniel Gartenberg

CEO at SleepSpace "What's really interesting to me about Biostrap, is that this is one of the first wearables that's getting high-resolution heart rate data."

John Porterfield

Scientist “I have sleep apnea, and I use the CPAP machine. I’m one of the lucky people who’s been diagnosed and can tolerate that. And, so I also put on my Biostrap device, and I can see the moments when I’m having trouble breathing.”

Ashley Grimmel

Health Coach "I really found that with Biostrap's data, I can feel confident that this [seeing my clients' health] is an issue, and when we look more into it and follow that up with lab testing, usually there's something there. It's almost like a smoke signal before there's a fire."

Pairing with the Biostrap App

To pair the Activity Pod with your Biostrap app, have your device’s Bluetooth turned on, then go to “Settings” at the bottom right of the main dashboard of the Biostrap app, select “Add Device”, place the Activity Pod near your phone and wait until pairing is successful.

Realistic Graphite sleep PIOD

How to use the Activity Pod

Watch this video to learn more about your Activity Pod and the different ways you can use it