Biostrap EVO

Best for sleep, recovery and meditation tracking.

Available from mid-2020

Quick Start guide

What is inside the box?

  • EVO Biosensor
  • Black Pin-Clasp Wristband
  • Single Slot Charger
  • 1m /39″ USB Cable
  • Quick Start Guide

First charge

Make sure to charge your Biostrap EVO before pairing it with your Biostrap app and using it for the first time. Your Biostrap EVO should be at least 50% charged before you go to bed and begin recording your sleep.


  • The light on the charger will turn a white/blue color when connected to power
  • You can charge your EVO while inside the strap, or by itself
  • When you place the device on the charger, the white/blue light will turn orange indicating that the device is charging
  • The lights will blink or remain white/blue if the device is not charging properly, or if it is not placed on the charger properly

Download the Biostrap app

Download the Biostrap app from either the App Store for iOS or the Play Store for Android.


Create your Biostrap profile and pair your EVO

To create your account, have your phone’s Bluetooth turned on, open the Biostrap app, and select “Create Account.” Choose which set you’ve purchased, then type in your full name, email address, and desired password.


Follow the instructions and answer the questions on the screen.


To pair your EVO, select “Locate Nearby Devices” and wait as your phone locates your Biostrap. When pairing is complete, the Biostrap EVO sensor’s red light will blink a few times to confirm pairing was successful.

Record your sleep

Make sure your wristband is at least 50% charged before you go to bed. The Biostrap can detect you falling asleep and waking up automatically; however, you can also start and stop it manually.


To record your sleep manually, select “Record” at the bottom of the main dashboard, then select “Record” under Sleep. Upon waking up, open the Biostrap app, tap on “Record” at the bottom, and tap the pink stop button at the top right corner. Now take off your wristband and let it sync with your phone. Leave your phone next to your device while syncing — this is an ideal time to charge your Biostrap.


After your data has synced, it will begin processing on our servers and once processing is done, it will generate your Sleep Score. After 5 nights of data collection, you’ll unlock your Recovery Score too.


How to wear the Biostrap EVO correctly

To be able to get reliable data measurements from your wrist, make sure that you wear the Biostrap wrist-worn device correctly:


  • Wear your device on top of your wrist. For best results, the back of your device should be in contact with your skin for features like heart rate tracking.
  • Make sure that your band isn’t too tight. Wear it loose enough that it can move back and forth on your wrist.
  • Wear the Biostrap wrist-worn device on top of your wrist, at least a finger’s width up from the wrist bone (see the picture).
  • Take off your device on a regular basis to let your skin breathe. If you experience any discomfort or irritation, loosen the band, and if it persists give your wrist a break by taking it off for an extended time.
  • Clean your band regularly with a soap-free cleanser (like Cetaphil) or an alcohol swab. If your device gets wet or sweaty, remove and dry it completely after your activity. (see video for details)

How To's

Before you begin using your Biostrap device, you must connect it to your Biostrap account with a phone or tablet. Connecting your device allows it to transfer (or sync) data back and forth with your Biostrap.


EVO 5      EVO 6

Checking the remaining battery charge

Keeping your Biostrap devices charged is easy! 🔋 

We recommend charging your device daily and keeping your battery above 20% at all times.

You can always check the battery status of your devices on the Settings page in the Biostrap app.


With normal usage, you can expect:

1-2 days from your Biostrap EVO

It is totally normal for the device to stop charging before reaching 100%, and settle between 90-99%.

Now more than ever, personal hygiene is important to maintaining your health. To sanitize your device, remove the sensor from the wristband. Use an alcohol wipe and thoroughly wipe all surfaces of the sensor, inside and outside of the wristband.

Please avoid using harsh chemicals on the Biostrap device. 

It is recommended that you sanitize your device at least once per week, but feel free to do this more often if you would like.

Feel free to check the How to clean your wristband and biosensor video

You can access your Biostrap data on both iOs and Android devices and even on a computer web dashboard.

Watch the How to use the Biostrap Web Dashboard video to learn more about how to use the web dashboard.

If you’re having trouble connecting, try these steps below!

EVO 7 Android users:

Make sure to turn Location Services ON before attempting to connect your devices

Place the device on the charger base

Wait for a few minutes until you see the battery is charging (orange light)

Go back to the Biostrap app and see if your devices are getting connected

Toggle the Bluetooth 

EVO 8 iOS users:

Go to iPhone’s Settings screen

Click on Bluetooth

Turn it OFF

Now Turn it ON

Go back to the Biostrap app and see if your devices are getting connected

If it’s still not connecting then:

Exit the Biostrap app completely and then restart it and see if your devices are getting connected.

Or you can also try to:

Turn Bluetooth off on your phone

Turn your phone off

Turn your phone back on 

Turn Bluetooth back on 

Go back to the Biostrap App and see if your devices are getting connected


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If your product is plugged in to charge but the battery level does not increase or your product does not indicate that the battery is charging:

If the charge level of batteries drains at a faster rate than expected, try the following:

If the Bluetooth connection between your system and a paired device (i.e. laptop, smartphone, or Biostrap app) only works intermittently or disconnects unexpectedly on its own, try the following:


If the Bluetooth connection between your product and a connected audio device is only reliable within short range of your product, try the following:


If you are unable to pair a Bluetooth device (i.e. mobile phone, tablet or computer) to your product, try the following:

If your system indicates that your battery is charging but never indicates that charging is complete, try the following:


If your product's power seems intermittent or powers on and off unexpectedly, try the following:


If you have difficultly starting or completing an update for a Biostrap product or app, try the following:


If your product becomes unresponsive or you are no longer able to use it as expected after a product update is installed, try the following:



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