Let’s Deep Dive Into Biostrap

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Our Mission

Our goal at Biostrap is to empower people with the health data to live happier, healthier lives.

Whether it is classifying exercises to alleviate the tedious tasks of working out or providing the biometric data to help people monitor their day to day health, Biostrap is the first step in the data revolution of healthy living.

Activity Classification

Biostrap’s dual-device hardware and machine learning platform allows for the automatic classification of over 120+ repetitious activities. With the ability to record new activities, Biostrap’s exercise recognition can adapt to any routine.

Biometric Tracking

Wearables have promised to grant insight into users’ health, but with inaccurate heart rate readings and basic step counting, that’s been far from reality.

Biostrap takes a data-driven approach to health insights.

Our clinical-quality hardware allows users to accurately track SpO2, HRV, RHR, and a suite of other biometrics.