Differentiate Your Wellness Brand With Biostrap Labs

Premium wellness brands want to give YOU complimentary access to their products and services for biometric validation. 

Differentiate Your Wellness Brand With Biostrap Labs

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Biostrap Labs is the product validation division of Biostrap

Biostrap Labs provides a science-based resource to wellness companies that want to validate product claims easily, affordably and with the participation of an engaged user base.

Biostrap Labs handles all aspects of managing a validation study including: recruitment, data collection, project management, study compliance, data aggregation and analysis as well as reporting.

Fully IRB approved studies with publishable results are available.
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What metrics can Biostrap Labs Measure and Analyze?
Biostrap Labs can validate any product or intervention that impacts human health and performance through non-invasive and real-world data collection of meaningful biometrics add:
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Vitals: Heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation
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Heart rate variability
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Arterial health
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Physical activity
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Subjective data (integrated surveys)
And much more
Potential Biostrap Labs Partners

Supplement & Nutraceuticals Companies

Objectively quantify how your product is leading to improved sleep, nervous system function, and arterial health in target consumer groups.

Companies that offer unique fitness programs or methods

Leverage Biostrap’s unique Assessment Functionality to quantify how your training intervention impacts vertical jump, reactive strength index, muscular strength, endurance, balance and much more.

Recovery Devices or Techniques

Measure the acute or chronic effects of your recovery intervention in a real-world setting through Biostrap’s science-driven recovery biometrics and algorithms.

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Sleep Interventions

Measure the real-world impact of your intervention on sleep duration, latency, efficiency, deep sleep, awakenings, movement and nocturnal biometric trends.

Stress Interventions

Understand how your intervention improves physical or mental stress through biometric trend analysis and custom surveys.

Why work with Biostrap Labs?
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Conducting a validation study has lots of moving parts from finding a research partner to tracking participant compliance and beyond to ensure an unbiased outcome.

Biostrap Labs is a full end-to-end solution that covers every aspect of the validation study.

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Capturing high-fidelity biometric data, Biostrap’s innovative technology is designed for clinical research.

Partnering with Biostrap Labs, commercial companies will be working with a team of experienced researchers who’ve participated in peer-reviewed published studies and designed complex scientific protocols.

Beyond access to study outcomes, partners will have the right to use “Biostrap Labs Validated” in all their marketing and PR.

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While the global wellness industry is worth $4 trillion, the vast majority of brands don’t have the financial or logistical resources to scientifically validate their claims. Whether you’re a small business looking to stand out or a major brand interested in adding to your research arsenal, Biostrap Labs makes science-based product validation easy and affordable for your company.

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Biostrap Labs can conduct a small pilot with less than 30 people in under six weeks from concept to completion
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    Phase 1: Confirm Project with Biostrap Labs Business Team


    · Confirm Scope/Pricing
    · Sign Agreement with Biostrap Labs

  • Biostrap Labs 17

    Phase 2: Pre-Planning with Project Manager and Science Team


    · Create timeline for Project
    · Study Outline with Science Teams
    · Design Protocol for Study Participants


    The above is a partial list, please inquire for more details

  • Biostrap Labs 18

    Phase 3: Recruitment and Study Execution


    · Onboard Users
    · Launch Study
    · Compliance Management 


    The above is a partial list, please inquire for more details

  • Biostrap Labs 19

    Phase 4: Analysis


    · Aggregate Data
    · Anonymize Results
    · Scientific Review
    · Analysis

    The above is a partial list, please inquire for more details

  • Biostrap Labs 16

    Phase 5: PR / Marketing


    · Marketing Campaign
    · Strategy
    · Marketing Content
    · Creation
    · Press Release


    The above is a partial list, please inquire for more details

  • Biostrap Labs 17

    Optional Add Ons


    · Co-Own Data
    · IRB Application
    · Publish In Journal


    The above is a partial list, please inquire for more details

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