Heart Rate

Heart Rate Variability

What is it?

Heart Rate Variability is the variation in the beat-to-beat intervals between heartbeats measured in milliseconds*. Generally speaking, the higher the number, the better.


‍*We use the rMSSD method of calculating HRV.

How do I interpret my HRV values?

Comparing your HRV to others can be tricky. There are many factors such as age, health, gender, and fitness level to account for that ultimately determine your HRV number. Here’s a range to see where you are in terms of age-gender demographics, based on a sample size of 2,000 subjects:

Heart rate-variability 1
Heart rate-variability 2

Why does it matter?

It is well established that HRV is a measure of biological age. Biological age correlates heavily with homeostatic capacity, which is the body’s ability to self-stabilize in response to stressors. Studies have shown that biological age is a better measure for determining health status and risk than chronological age.

Heart rate-variability 3

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