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Biostrap Summary Algorithms

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Summary algorithms are metrics designed to aggregate and simplify multiple physiological and behavioral measurements into three easy-to-interpret outcomes. These scores are presented on a 0 to 100 scale, where 100 is the ‘best’ attainable score. By presenting data in a reader-friendly format, less experience and time is required to interpret each individual’s results, which helps both the end-user as well as any care-takers or data monitors. 

Below are the descriptions of each of three main summary scores presented by Biostrap: Activity, Recovery, and Sleep Scores.

Activity Score

Physical activity is a metric that has been shown to be correlated with numerous health outcomes and diseases. Activity is not exclusive to exercise bouts, and sedentary behavior has also been shown to be associated with health outcomes. 

Therefore, Biostrap calculates activity score using the distribution of activity over the course of a 24-hour window, emphasizing activity during 12 unique hours. Additionally, energy expenditure relative to the user’s goal contributes to the activity score. 

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Recovery Score

The recovery score is computed overnight, and is largely a function of the user’s resting heart rate and heart rate variability, compared to their rolling baseline values. Sleep parameters (sleep efficiency and sleep time as a percentage of goal sleep) make up a portion of the recovery score as well.

Sleep Score

Many aspects of a sleep session contribute to the summary Sleep Score. This score is a reflection of sleep duration and efficiency, relative to an individual’s sleep goal. A penalty system reduces the sleep score based on sleep disruptions and adverse physiological measures. The number of awakenings (weighted by severity), resting heart rate (relative to baseline), and low SpO2 readings (weighted by number and severity) all contribute to the sleep score penalty, reducing the overall score. 

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